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Year Round Trail Rides

We often are asked, if we do horseback trail rides in the fall and winter time? YES, we do!

We love to get out any time of the year… snow, rain, or shine. Our fall trail rides offer a break from the heat of summer and fewer people than other times of the year. Winter time in Montana also is a unique time of year for horse rides in the fluffy, white wonderland that snow creates.

We offer 1 or 2 hour horse rides, and even full day trail rides at local trailheads if the conditions are conducive in the winter months. Our 1 and 2 hour horse back rides are offered every day at 10am and 1pm with reservations.

Interested in a trail ride in Montana? Paintbrush Adventures hopes you think of us when you do. Give us a call or request a reservation online.

Pictures credit Kyle Vander Wal

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