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Picture perfect horse riding, ranch, and camping vacations.

Are you a fan of the Yellowstone tv series?

Come see the real deal! All the beauty, none of the drama!

There is still plenty of excitement to be had just fewer things exploding.

We offer adventures that will stay with you forever. Our ranch vacations give you all the up-close and personal cowboy experience you see in Yellowstone from herding and roping cows to the daily chores. Get the true experience of life on a ranch.

If all day horse riding and camping is more your speed, we offer horseback camping trips into the wilderness to experience our beautiful backcountry and starry nights. Spend days in the backcountry, taking in the rugged wilderness, fresh mountain air, wild animals, and fishing to catch your dinner.

In between those options, are alternatives to relax and spend a day horseback riding, seeing the new babies on the ranch, hiking, visiting Yellowstone Park, fishing, or just relaxing by the river at the cabin. We have no set itinerary.

Visit us and get an authentic Montana ranch experience for an once in a life-time vacation with genuine people. All that is missing is the Dutton’s and Rip. 😉 Come let us show you Montana and the real Yellowstone life!

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